Peavey HP Signature Series Tiger Eye Guitar

Peavy Signature Series Tiger Eye

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Peavy Signature Series Tiger Eye
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Todays guitar of the day comes to us for the first time, from Peavey.

Peavey has been around for quite some time, but most of us think of guitar amps when we hear the Peavey name mentioned.

Or maybe you think of Eddie Van Halen’s quest to manufacture the “perfect guitar” which resulted in the Wolfgang.

Or maybe you think of this guitar. I know I do.

The HP series is the signature guitar named after the founder of Peavy, Hartley Peavey.

It’s by far my favorite Peavy – Sorry Eddie.

The tiger eye veneer is amazing atop a 3 piece mahogany body, and is offset perfectly by the ebony fingerboard.

She’s kept in sync with Grover machine heads.

I have played this, and it does feel and sound great. The poor guy at the guitar store in New Jersey had to eventually come and tell me that I had to turn over the guitar – hey, its fun to play!

You can find this guitar for a decent price over at Music Village.

I’ve been trying to find video for you guys on these guitars lately, and some days I don’t find anything worthy of wasting your time with.

Today, we hit a bit of a jackpot with a sad ending.

I found a video of Matthias Arp, playing this guitar as a demo of the Vypyer 30, also by Peavey. His tone, and sound is great – its a killer combo, but his style of playing really took me in. Great phrasing and feel.

After getting distracted and doing some research on the guy, I found out that Matthias died not too long ago.

You can find some great videos on YouTube of him playing, but check out this one first, its a great song, played on a great guitar, by a great guitar player.

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11 years ago

I do own this guitar and it is AMAZING! I paid 600 (CDN) and for the bang for the buck this has to be a top contender among any guitar player! and the wow factor at a show is always nice too! did i mention that I love this guitar!

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