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Pigtronix Fat Drive

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Get Your FAT Drive Today While Supplies Last

Pigtronix Fat Drive
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Have you ever found yourself on the sofa at about 3:00 AM in nothing but your underwear with a bag of potato chips that’s been opened for a week to your left and the remains of a pint of ice cream you’d done your impression of a crocodile at dinner time then suddenly you realize to yourself “hey. I want a new Pigtronix FAT Drive pedal”? You ever have that happen?

Fortunately for you we have an antidote to your peculiar illness right here. We just so happen to have a new Pigtronix FAT Drive pedal in our possession and we are absolutely aching to get it into your hands. Unfortunately we only have the antidote for one person so if this is an epidemic then we only have the means to cure one person.

A Quick Recap

Perhaps you recall our resident writer Adam Jazairi’s review of the FAT Drive. If you haven’t seen it you can bring yourself up to speed on it by checking out his review right here.

If you’d prefer the Reader’s Digest version then this should quickly bring you up to speed on the pedal in question. The FAT Drive is a modestly sized, 3-knob distortion pedal that lets you tweak volume, tone, and gain. Its saturation reacts to the dynamics of your playing. Even more so when you flip on the small gain switch to boost the gain to levels of saturation no mere mortal should be trusted with. It’s also practically built out of adamantium with nearly indestructible durability.

About the Giveaway

The giveaway runs from April 2, 2012 until April 16th, 2012 – Midnight EST.

How To Enter The Contest:

It’s pretty easy. Just go to our newsletter subscription page, and register for our newsletter. In doing this you will also be registered for Pigtronix’s newsletter. This will ensure you are registered for the contest. If you’re still registered for the newsletters on April 16, 2012, you could be drawn as the lucky winner! You should also share the news with your friends by clicking the like button at the top or bottom of this page.

How your email address will be treated

Guitar-Muse.com and Pigtronix will treat your email address like any good friend (although we won’t send you any lolcats), and we will not spam, or share your email with any other companies or organizations. Guitar-Muse.com currently emails our list less than once a month (although technically it is planned to be a weekly newsletter), and Pigtronix currently emails their customers quarterly.

Giveaway Rules:

This is an easy one. There really aren’t any rules. Register and wait. Be good to your fellow man. Amen.


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william gibbons
10 years ago

Please, let me win this one!

Lou Remondelli
Lou Remondelli
10 years ago

Fan-Bloody -tastic !

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