Pigtronix FAT Drive Giveaway Winner

Pigtronix Fat Drive

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Now the moment of truth.

Pigtronix Fat Drive
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The winner of the highly coveted Pigtronix FAT Drive. By now everyone’s had to change their pants at least three times over and ultimately resorted to wearing adult diapers because they keep crapping their pants in anticipation awaiting us to announce who is taking this fancy-pants pedal home with them (no it isn’t you, Adam).

And the winner is…

Greg Lygon.

The Guitarist Formerly Known As Greg.

Congratulations Greg. You now own a Pigtronix FAT Drive pedal. We will be in touch soon if we haven’t been before your reading this. Of course you can always fire off dozens of emails to Jameson to get his attention. He’s been in meetings all day and could use something to bring his attention back this way.

Upon accepting this gift you hereby agree that you, Greg, will write oceans of music in our honor (more so mine). You will use this pedal extensively and it will not only shape your tone, but you as a person. You will consult it for all major musical, personal, financial, and ethical decisions.

I think that’s a pretty fair criteria of rules to follow, don’t you? I don’t see anything remotely unreasonable or outlandish about that, so yeah.*

As for everyone else. Don’t fret.

There are plenty more opportunities yet to come to get cool, free stuff. We love hosting these giveaways so if there’s anything you can do to help us help you it’s to just keep swinging by and enjoying yourselves. It’s that simple. Really. Just show up. Sign up for our newsletters, if you like. Like us on whatever social networking medium you prefer. Just stick around and have fun and we’ll take care of the rest.

*I was told my sense of humor is too bizarre and that it should come stock with a disclaimer saying β€œdon’t listen to me. I’m a moron.” So accepting this pedal doesn’t mean any of that.

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