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Pigtronix Gatekeeper

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This Ain’t No Keymaster

With Summer NAMM 2013 just around the corner Pigtronix has announced a new effect pedal that can be expected to make a public appearance for demonstrations, photo ops, and maybe even an autograph or two. Using their unrivaled expertise in pedal designs they’ve imbued the new Gatekeeper noise gate pedal with the same attention to detail that made other pedals like the Philosopher’s Tone, the Echolution, the Fat Drive, and the Envelope Phaser such respected pedals. Now you can ward off those evil signal breaking hisses that just love to get in there and wreak havoc on your meticulously sculpted tone.

Enter the Gatekeeper

Pigtronix GatekeeperNoise gates are pedals that really don’t need to be complicated to use, and the fully analog Gatekeeper does not break the trend. Using a threshold knob and a release knob you can whisk away any undesirable noise while retaining a great quality tone that you want when you’re doing anything important with your guitar be it recording or hitting the stage.

With 100% attenuation you’re free from the scourge that is latency its response time that actually breaks the laws of physics and reacts faster than the speed of light. And let’s face it. What good is a noise gate that takes even a second to cut out that clutter on your signal? By that point it’s too late and everyone’s already heard your guitar fart.

Using what Pigtronix calls their ultra-high speed J-FET circuitry the Gatekeeper actively pursues and destroys so much as a hum that squeals by at 19 Hz like an antibody injected into the blood stream to eliminate viruses. Only the antibody is the Gatekeeper and the blood stream is your cables.

Anyway. The threshold offers a wide range giving you plenty of elbow room to finely tweak it to where you’re contented with how much noise is exiled from your signal and it operates at a level that’s comparable to rack mount noise gates. The release knob controls how fast acting the noise gate is when giving those pesky hums the axe.

The Gatekeeper is compact enough to take up barely any space on your pedal board with a chassis that measures 2.4” x 4.4” x 1”. And you know what? What good is a noise gate that makes noise when it’s not off? Pigtronix thought ahead about that and made sure the Gatekeeper was true bypass to minimize noise when it’s on and off. The Gatekeeper will be available for about $149.

You can see the Gatekeeper in action at Summer NAMM where Pigtronix will be stationed at booth 950 in Hall B, or you can swing by Pigtronix.com and see more of their products there.

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