Pink Floyd Is At It Again

Pink Floyd

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Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is doing everything the fans could ever ask for with the exception of two negligable concerns that most people probably don’t think about on a day to day basis.  Go on tour or write another album.  With David Gilmour’s recent appearance to a Roger Waters performance alongside Nick Mason making a sort of reunion happen if only for a short moment I can’t help but to think the same things I thought the last time they had rejoined forces.  Write another damn album already.

Ok, so here’s the scoop.  Waters and Gilmour teamed up for a Hoping Foundation performance and made a deal that if Waters performed “To Know Him is to Love Him” then Gilmour would show up to play “Comfortably Numb” on one of Waters’ Wall performances.  Well the stars aligned just right and the deal was fulfilled last night in London.

Naturally with the three remaining members performing together for any amount of time has resulted in said members being interrogated about possible reunions, tours, and what have you to which Nick Mason flat out said is not happening.  This is one of those times I get my drama queen on and thrust clenched fists to the sky screaming “why?”

With a history so mired in dispute as Pink Floyd’s is, to see these geriatrics have overcome their differences and started acting in better interest of the Pink Floyd name as a whole again, it seems we’re so close and yet so far from getting anything more than a performance here and there.

And who doesn’t wish they’d just pull the trigger and do something?  I’m pretty sure if they were to go on tour I wouldn’t have a chance to see them perform, so I’m begging for an album, but it seems for all the desire that’s out there it’s all in vain.

Anyway.  Here’s the video that’s got everyone riled up.

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