Positive Grid reveals a sneak peak of their BIAS iPad app

Bias iPad App

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Bringing tube tone to your iPad

Bias iPad App

On Tuesday Positive Grid, the software developers who previously brought us the JamUp app for iOS (see our review of that app here), released a 30-second teaser video that gave guitarists a glimpse at their new BIAS modeling software that’s exclusive to the iPad and the iOS 7 operating system.

To watch BIAS teaser video click HERE.

The company is mum on details, but the teaser video and screen shots on their home page are quite revealing. Guitarists are always looking for ways to tweak their tones and the few glimpses that Positive Grid have provided already indicate that BIAS is all about TONE!

The screen shot above of the pre-amp portion of the model indicates an ability to switch out input and/or cathode tubes, control many aspects of EQ, gain and distortion and adjust pre-amp BIAS. Screen shots on the Positive Grid website also reveal the power amp section and indicates an ability to switch between solid state and tube output, change the power stage and rectifier tubes, adjust power-amp BIAS and select various transformers. Multiple gain staging possibilities seem to be possible with the new unit for players who prefer pre-amp to power amp distortion (or vice versa).

Further tone customizations appear to include multiple microphone choices and the ability to position their placement around the speaker. The video also indicates an ability to pair different speaker cabinets and amplifiers.

A Positive Grid press release indicates that BIAS will house 36 fully customizable amps and feature a substantial sonic step forward in modeling tone.

In my review of the JamUp XT and JamUp Pro apps, I stated that those apps were must-have items for the contemporary guitarist. The few (minor) criticisms I offered for those apps appear to be addressed (and then some) with this release.

It’s an intriguing web-page and video but will BIAS live up to user expectations? Check back with us in the weeks ahead.

In the meantime more information about Positive Grid and their releases can be found on their website http://positivegrid.com/BIAS or through their social media accounts:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/positivegrid
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PositiveGrid

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