Primus – Sailing the Seas of Cheese Deluxe Edition

Saling the Seas of Cheese Deluxe

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The New Old Album

Saling the Seas of Cheese Deluxe
Saling the Seas of Cheese Deluxe

Twelve years ago the world changed. For the better? For the worse? At the very least the world became a bit more surreal. 1991 marked the release of Primus’ Sailing the Seas of Cheese. Primus being the kind of band that just sorta shows up out of no where, does whatever the hell they see fit, then leaves just as quickly as they came, while the rest of us are completely bewildered by whatever happened, they have picked now as an ample time to re-release Sailing the Seas of Cheese as a Deluxe Edition.

Sailing the Seas of Cheese Deluxe

As of May 21st the new edition of bassist Les Claypool, guitarist Larry LaLonde, and drummer Tim “Herb” Alexander’s sophomore album will be released, mixed gloriously in stereo and Dolby 5.1 surround and packaged in two six-panel digipack cases. Both versions will offer relatively the same features. Both versions will also include the new stereo CD along with a bonus disc. The bonus disc features the surround mix on either a DVD or a Blu-ray disc; details on the audio differences between the two are below.

Before getting too far into the extra features here is the full track list:

1. Seas Of Cheese
2. Here Come The Bastards
3. Sgt. Baker
4. American Life
5. Jerry Was A Race Car Driver
6. Eleven
7. Is it Luck?
8. Grandad’s Little Ditty
9. Tommy The Cat
10. Sathington Waltz
11. Those Damn Blue-Collar Tweekers
12. Fish On (Fisherman Chronicles, Chapter II)
13. Los Bastardos
*14. Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers (Live at Bass Hall, Austin, TX – 11/7/12)
*15. American Life (Live at Bass Hall, Austin, TX – 11/7/12)
*16. Here Come The Bastards (Bassnectar Remix)

*Bonus tracks

Primus Live
Primus Live

The second disc will include the original track list, but as mentioned will be available in either DVD or Blu-ray. The DVD audio options will include Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 surround, and DTS 5.1 Surround, all in 48kHz/24-bit. The Blu-ray’s audio options will include Dolby TrueHD 5.1 Surround Sound, PCM, and PCM Stereo, all in 96kHz/24-bit and completely lossless in quality.

The Deluxe Edition will also include videos and visualizer video streams, previously unreleased photos, and liner notes from music journalist Greg Prato. It’s probably a good thing that he covers the liner notes over the band. The group would probably seek to obfuscate the fan base as much as possible if they took care of the notes.

Other Primus-Related Info

Alongside the release of Sailing the Seas of Cheese Deluxe, a 200-gram vinyl LP will be released featuring Claypool’s own stereo mix of the album. And by release I mean 1,000 unmarked and randomly selected copies will include a yellow vinyl LP instead of a black one.

Regarding the new mixing treatment, Claypool expressed some concern to not totally demolish the original sound, but rather that they just wanted to fatten the tracks up a bit. But otherwise a lot of the charm of the 90s mixing style is still present. Larry LaLonde also commented that the new mix will make the music easier to appreciate given the much more advanced nature of modern listening technology (e.g. headphones, stereos, etc.)

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