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Aerosmith Is Back In The Studio

Its been seven years since Aerosmith smacked us with “Honkin On Bobo”, and we’ve all heard the rumors about a new studio album, with Joe Perry tweeting about it recently and all.

Now its more official, anyway, with an image that drummer Joey Kramer tweeted of himself and producer Jack Douglas in the studio. Along with the image, Joey Said:

No words can describe how inspired I’m feeling in the studio right now. Its a beautiful thing

Def Leppard Already Thinking About The Next Album

Just months after the release of the live album “Mirrorball” Def Leppard is already talking about the next venture into the studio, which is slated for 2012.

Of course the rest of 2011 will be touring for Def Leppard, but guitarist Vivian Campbell said that they will be recording ideas as they tour, and that the new album might feature some of the flavor of “High and Dry”.

Dethklok Will Be At The Mayhem Fest on July 9, 2011.

If you’re in San Bernardino, CA on the 9th of this month, you can catch the realest fake band in the world, (we covered their cool guitar here) Dethklok.

It will be the only time this year that members Brendan Small, Mike Keneally, Gene Hoglan, and Bryan Beller will play songs from Adult Swim’s infamous Metalocalypse show – live.

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