Randy Bachman’s Stolen Guitar Found After 40 Years

Randy Bachmans stolen guitar

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When Japanese Musician Takeshi played the guitar in a music store in 2016, he had no idea who it really belonged to, and that it was in fact a stolen guitar. All he knew was that it played like no other guitar he’d ever played and he had to have it.

Now, it will be coming home to Bachman,

“To me, this is a Cinderella story,” Bachmann said. “I feel I have a special connection to Takeshi. It’s like a guitar friendship. My best friend is Takeshi, but we’ve never met, “he said.

Randy Bachman of The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive fame, has hits that he recorded with this guitar – like “American Woman”, and “Takin’ Care Of Business.

He loved the guitar so much he would chain it to the toilet in hotel rooms in the 70s (not as torture, more to keep it from being stolen).

One fateful day in 1976, his road manager put the guitar in the hotel room, and just minutes later it was discovered missing. Bachman was obsessed over finding it, and years later, so was a fan – William Long, who compared pictures and scoured the internet for it for weeks, racking up many hours a day in the search.

It was like losing a family member, he remarked once, this guitar that he had worked hard and saved up the $400 to purchase.

Finally, Long found the guitar – in a store in Japan. After further research, it was revealed that the guitar was sold to musician Takeshi.

Takeshi is giving the guitar back – in exchange for a sister guitar – once just like it.

“To me, it’s the most incredible Cinderella story of all time, except that when midnight comes the guitar won’t turn into a pumpkin, and neither will I, and I’ll actually have my guitar back at the end of the story,” says Bachman.

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