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1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Anniversary

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Immortalize Your Guitar On

It’s been long established since the dawning of mankind that guitars are factually more awesome than anything else on the planet. So much so that guitars have safely secured themselves as among the most commonly played instruments if not the most commonly played instrument. Thanks to the insightful needs from one guitarist to another the varieties of guitars available greatly outnumber the number of hairs left on my head.

We Want Your Guitars

1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Anniversary
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So how does this affect you? If you’re reading this you probably play guitar yourself and we want to see it. We want to see pictures of your favorite guitars and we want to know why they are your favorites. Some guitars have an interesting back story to how they were acquired while others gained their story from the years you’ve been playing them. Others are just plain cool to look at and talk about.

We don’t care. We like guitars of all varieties. What we want from you all is a picture or pictures of your favorite guitar(s) with some small one or two sentence writeup about it. Tell us about how you got the guitar, what you’ve done with it. Have you modified it? Played any exceptionally memorable shows with it? Is it monumental to how good a stock guitar can be? Is it the best damn First Act you’ve ever played? Tell us whatever you know or at least whatever you want us to know.

We Also Want Your Gear

In fact why stop at just the guitars? Got a pedal chain that could eat someone alive? Got an amp setup that couldn’t possibly keep a secret even if the volume was down to 0? Fire pictures of those our way as well. Tell us what you’ve got and why it speaks to you.

The Requirements

By now you may be wondering what we’re going to do with these pictures. We want to put together a Guitar-Muse reader guitar gallery. The only hurdle is we need your help to make this dream a reality. We don’t have your guitars nor do we have your perspective so we need you to fill in that gap. You don’t have to go History Channel documentary on us or anything. Just give us your thoughts.

There is a bit of a stipulation though. When we say we want to see your guitar we mean just that. Yours. If it’s a stock picture that could have been pulled off any given manufacturer’s web site then it’s probably not going to get very far. We want to showcase the guitars’ character itself shining through every dent and ding it may have acquired or through its pristine finish that’s been well preserved. That’s something that stock photos that have been on the business end of Photoshop can’t recreate that we want to preserve.

Image Guidelines

Images should be 150k in size or less. You can make a pretty good looking image that fits this bill. We do it all the time. If you can’t / don’t know how – send us what you have, and we’ll try to work with it to get it web ready. Those who can keep ’em under 150k will be a great help!

Also – let us know what we should call you in the published gallery. Anything from “Anonymous” to your full name, to a nickname. If you don’t specify, we’ll call you “Betty.”

That’s about it, really. Show us what you’ve got and what makes it so special to you. We’ll take care of the rest. You can submit your pictures to

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