Review of Peavey’s Ampkit Link Guitar Interface for the iPhone / iPad

Peavey Ampkit for the iPhone

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Peavey Ampkit for the iPhone
Peavey Ampkit for the iPhone

The Peavey Ampkit audio interface for the iPhone is another homerun gift from my wife, who really gives the best gifts ever.

After getting me the Digitech pedal for Christmas, she noticed my interest in guitar travel guitars and amps, and came away with the idea to get me the Peavey Ampkit. So here’s a review on this unit, complete with screenshots and sound bytes.

Peavey’s little creation really does make a lot more sense than dragging a Pignose around on an airplane anyway – its small, and if you have an iPhone, you’re going to have it with you anyway.

The first thing you notice when you open the box, is that the unit is battery powered. This is going to save some strain on your iPhone’s battery, as well as help to reduce the feedback found in the unpowered units.

The setup is simple, as you can see in this image, it plugs into the iPhone’s headphone/mic jack, and you plug in your guitar and headphones, or line out to an amp or mixer.

The software is very good it ran super smooth for me, considering my phone – not a iPhone 4, or even a 3GS, but an iPhone 3G. No problems at all with the software.

You can record yourself solo, or with some of the background tracks included. Some of the background tracks are just drums, some drums and bass, and others have drums, bass and electric guitar.

Once you have a recording down, you can email it to yourself, or upload it to soundcloud, which is what I did.

The free version of the app is fully featured, but you are limited to one amp, two pedals and two microphones. You can purchase software bundles separately, or get the whole shebang for $20 from the iTunes store.

Here are some screen shots (they’ll pop open):

And of course the app comes with a pretty good tuner and metronome.

This app is really impressive – I mean if you think about it, the piece of hardware itself is pretty simple, its really the app that makes this thing rock.

Overall if you’re thinking of getting this – I can say you will not be disappointed. Great for travel, bedroom jams, or heck, with the sound quality and the option to output to a mixer – you really don’t have any limits.

Here are some sound clips:


Clean Sound

Blues Tweak My Texture

Captain Crunchy

Nu Metal Valve

Overall, good sounds! You can pick this unit up at zZounds, here.

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10 years ago

What IOS version are you running on the 3G?

Steve Krantz
Steve Krantz
11 years ago

Did you record those sound clips? I want to know i those came out of an amplifier or what else was in between the sound of the ampkit and what we’re hearing as the end result?

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