Review: Pigtronix EP-2 Envelope Phaser

Pigtronix EP-2 Envelope Phaser

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Recently, phasers and wah pedals seem to have become a relic of a very funky past. The effects that psych guitarists like Eddie Hazel once used to open our minds now seem outdated, even gimmicky. Of course, there’s nothing like a little Futuristic Analog Technology to update an out-of-fashion effect. With the EP-2, Pigtronix gives envelope filters and phasers the F.A.T. treatment, combining both effects in one innovative package.

Pigtronix EP-2 Envelope Phaser
The EP-2 by Pigtronix

Building upon the success of the popular EP-1, the Pigtronix EP-2 offers even more sonic range and textural possibilities. “Feature-rich” barely scratches the surface of this impressive product. In addition the standard depth and speed controls, the EP-2 can set the resonance of the circuit, the center of the LFO sweep. You can even change the direction of the filter sweep and polarity of the phase shift.

The result of this range of tweakability is one of the most musical modulation pedals I’ve ever encountered. The EP-2 can add a subtle swirling texture or warp your signal with waves of liquid psychedelia. When you really want to send things into the stratosphere, you can engage the phaser and filter simultaneously. Crank up the resonance, and you get a harmonically rich, woozy phase suitable for the most expeditious journeys into inner space.

One crucial area where most phasers and auto-wahs fail is expressiveness. Using these effects to their full potential requires them to interact well with your guitar signal and playing style. The EP-2 fixes that problem with two particularly impressive controls: a sensitivity knob and a staccato switch.

The sensitivity control adjusts the amount of signal required for the effect to engage, so you can tailor the pedal to your pick dynamics. Similarly, flipping on the staccato switch causes the effect to drop out immediately when you stop playing, which is perfect for rhythm work or slap bass. You can take the EP-2’s expressiveness even further by adding expression pedals, which can control the filter sweep or LFO speed.

Remarkably, even with this breadth of functionality, the EP-2 doesn’t lose track of what we all seek: tone. The pedal’s rich analog sound is smooth, warm, and guaranteed to please even the pickiest of gearheads.

[rating:5] – Build Quality: 5
[rating:5] – Sound Quality: 5
[rating:5] – Features: 5
[rating:5] – Ease of Use: 5

[rating:overall] – 5 Stars

Even if you’re not much of a phase-wah enthusiast, this pedal will turn you into one. The EP-2 is an astounding step forward in modulation pedals, setting the standard for phasers and envelope filters with its extensive features and superior sound quality. Versatile and impressively easy to dial in, the EP-2 is another home-run from Pigtronix.

Get more information and pricing here: Pigtronix EP-2


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