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Strymon Bluesky Reverberator

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An Evening With The blueSky Reverberator

Strymon Bluesky Reverberator
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Founded just four years ago, Strymon has rapidly established itself in the guitar community as a trusted stompbox authority. Strymon’s innovative, top-notch effects pedals have redefined what it means to be “boutique,” reaching elite levels of quality rarely seen in their competitors’ products.

For a taste of Strymon’s pedal perfection, look no further than the blueSky Reverberator. This unique stompbox, coveted by surf-rockers and shoegazers everywhere, delivers studio-quality reverb with an unparalleled array of features.

Assembled with Care

The blueSky is housed in a sleek, solid and surprisingly small blue chassis. It fits easily in any pedalboard, and the aluminum casing can easily handle the wear and tear of shows and touring.

The pedal features an analog dry path, meaning your signal won’t become digital when the pedal is disengaged. Its default setting is true bypass, but you can switch it to buffered bypass if you prefer. In either setting, the pedal is virtually noiseless.

Space Is the Place

Strymon equipped the blueSky with three different reverb types. “Room” is the most versatile setting, capable of imitating a bedroom or a concert hall. “Spring” yields a bright, classic tone similar to what you’d hear in a vintage Fender amp, while “Plate” is a lush, celestial setting suitable for blissed-out ambience.

Each of these settings is adjustable via Mix, Decay and Pre-Delay knobs, so you can tweak your reverb’s spaciousness to your liking. Once you’ve dialed in the perfect setting, you can hold down the Favorite switch to save it for later while you experiment with other sounds.

Fine-Tune Your Tone

After selecting your favorite reverb type, you can further perfect your sound with three additional modes. The first mode, “Normal,” is exactly what it sounds like: smooth, unmodulated reverb for those of us who like a little simplicity.

When you want to get a little more psychedelic, the “Modulate” mode will add just the right amount of creamy chorus to your signal – neither too wobbly nor too subtle. Combine that with the Plate mode, and you’ve got the perfect setting for shoegazing, dream pop and ambient.

The “Shimmer” mode adds regenerative harmonics to the reverb. This mode is rare among reverb pedals, making it a favorite setting for many blueSky users. It can range from a subtle octave-up effect, when mixed back in Room mode, to a majestic and harmonically complex Plate reverb that sings for days.

Last, but certainly not least, the blueSky features Low- and High-Damp knobs for the tone perfectionist. These knobs basically function as an in-pedal EQ. Damp the highs for a dark, surfy ‘verb, or damp the lows for a heavenly chime. The options are as limitless as the blue sky.


[rating:5] 5 – Build Quality
[rating:5] 5 – Sound Quality
[rating:5] 5 – Features
[rating:5] 5 – Ease of Use

[rating:overall] Easy Math!

Some effects pedals sacrifice build quality for features. Others are tough as nails but sound like crap. The blueSky Reverberator is Strymon’s response to shoddy pedal craftsmanship: an exquisitely designed, painstakingly constructed reverb box that can hold its own against some of the finest rack units. A spacious, shimmering five stars out of five for what I firmly believe to be the best reverb pedal on the market.

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