Rob Caggiano Leaves Anthrax

Rob Caggiano's Last Stand

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The Skinny of What Happened

So Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano has parted ways with Anthrax. Caggiano who had originally joined Anthrax back just after the turn of the century in 2001 and had remained in the band until 2005 where he stepped down for their two years of touring with the original lineup, then resumed his position until January 4th, 2013 where he announced he was officially parting ways with the rest of the band.

Rob Caggiano's Last Stand
Rob Caggiano Former Anthrax Electric Heavy Metal Guitarist

Along the way Caggiano performed lead guitars on their 2003 release We’ve Come for You All, 2004’s The Greater of Two Evils, and their 2011 release Worship Music. Caggiano can also be seen performing on Anthrax’s Music of Mass Destruction DVD as well as the Big 4: Live from Sofia, Bulgaria Featuring Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax DVD.

With news like that you’d have to wonder what happened, why it happened, and what the future of Anthrax entails. After all it’s not every day a guitarist leaves a metal band. We’ve got to get to the bottom of this, so let’s stop wasting time and solve this.

So Why Did Caggiano Leave?

It’s evident that Caggiano has put his time in the band and they’ve had a good thing going for a while now. After a total of 10 years out of 12 since he joined forces with them it’s all come to a conclusion.

The departure came at Rob Caggiano’s discretion. In a released statement he spoke very highly of the time he spent with the band and spoke with pride of their cumulative accomplishments, though he stated that he feels it’s time to move on to other things. Per the statement he has plans to return to the recording studio as a producer. In the meantime he plans to develop his next move in the guitar universe and has full intentions of returning as a touring guitarist again.

In closing he offered his Twitter account for people to follow him for personal updates. For the curious readers you can follow him here.

In a response from the remainder of Anthrax regarding Caggiano’s statement they mutually agreed the tenure together was a great one and gave him their best wishes for the future.

The Future of Anthrax

Now Anthrax finds themselves between a rock and a hard place. They have an upcoming tour, With the Metal Alliance Tour, and now they are short one kick ass lead guitarist. The fan base has made it clear they would love nothing more than Dan Spitz to return to his place as their lead guitarist. Something the world hasn’t seen since 1995 save for the brief 2005 to 2007 reunion tours Spitz was a part of.

While the band has commented they are taking auditions in search of a lead guitarist Dan Spitz has hinted at the idea that he’s going to be among the auditioning guitarists as recently he commented he’s been working on old Anthrax material. Of course that part is just rumor and hearsay and who the touring guitarist and permanent replacement are going to be is up in the air until the band comes out and says who.

Until then we all have to sit on our hands and wait.

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