Robby Krieger Gibson SG Anniversary Guitar

Robby Krieger

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Robby Krieger Gibson SG Anniversary Guitar
Robby Krieger Gibson SG Anniversary

For psych-heads, Robby Krieger is a man who needs no introduction. The Doors guitarist defined a generation of acid rockers with a smooth, innovative, and highly technical style. Now, Gibson is giving you the opportunity to own Krieger’s guitar—okay, well, maybe not HIS guitar, but one that looks and sounds a hell of a lot like it.

The guitar is the 50th Anniversary Robby Krieger SG, and it’s a beauty. With a gorgeous heritage cherry finish on the characteristically slick double-cut SG body, it’s as easy on the eyes as the vintage axe it’s based on. To add to the retro look, Gibson added a lyre tailpiece and a Maestro Vibrola tremolo arm, for some subtle pitch bends.

But don’t worry—this guitar isn’t all about looks. The body and quarter-sawn neck are a light and resonant solid mahogany, for that sought-after Gibson sustain. For pickups, the Krieger SG gets two top-notch Gibson Classic ’57s (a PAF-styled humbucker), recreating the same warm and crunchy tones that Robby got out of his. It also has a Tune-O-Matic bridge, so you don’t have to bother with tuning the guitar every time you use the tremolo arm.

Perhaps the coolest feature of this SG is phase switching, which you can activate by pulling the bridge pickup’s tone knob. Not many guitars have this option, and it’ll give you a strange, shrill tone that can punch through plenty of effects. It’s the kind of thing you’d only expect in a tribute instrument to one of the weirdest, most interesting guitarists in rock.

Robby Krieger
Robby Krieger

With a sleek design, fantastic tone, and plenty of versatility, the 50th Anniversary Robby Krieger SG certainly lives up to its name.

This beautiful axe is quirky enough to be unique without deviating from the classic elements that make SGs such great players.

If you’re on the hunt for a funky new tone machine, this one is definitely worth a look!

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