Robert Striegler And Ibanez’s AFS80T Guitar

Robert Striegler

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If you haven’t seen the video recently added to the threshold of the world wide web, then give it a watch.  It’s a video of Straight 8s guitarist Robert Striegler toying around with Ibanez’s new AFS80T hollowbody guitar.

I swear this guy looks like he’d be right at home in any scene from Back to the Future and his look happens to match his playing which is very much so influenced by those old swinging rockabilly bands of the days of yore.

Robert Striegler
Robert Striegler

Now for a bit about the man behind the mask. He’s been performing with the Straight 8s for probably around a decade and by his and the other members’ powers combined they have unleashed two, count ’em, two albums.

Now for some details about the artillery. The guitar is, as mentioned earlier, an AFS80T hollowbody and its body is built of maple and the neck mahogany and maple with a rosewood fretboard.  If you think that dot inlays are boring then fear not.  They’ve replaced them with rectangles.

They even slapped one on the first fret in case you get lost easily.  The pickups are an ACH1 and ACH2 in the neck and bridge respectively and they slapped an ART2 with a VBF70 tremolo on the ass end for good measure.

All of that for $500. Haven’t played one myself, so I’m not going to try and sell anyone on it, but hell.  Looks like a fair deal.  See for yourself.

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