Satriani and Vai Combine Powers Again.

Steve Vai and Joe Satriani

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Steve Vai and Joe Satriani
Steve Vai and Joe Satriani

Welcome back to Guitar-Muse, everyone.  What are we rapping about today?  Steve Vai, of course, but to simulate variety we’re adding equal parts of Satch into the mix.  What are they doing that’s so hot these days?  Charity.

That’s right, the good-natured will to help another is piloting this ambitious plan to the stage in the name of helping their friend Cliff Cultreri pay for medical care.

Anyone that listens to Satch and/or Vai (as well as a plethora of other musicians) owes it to this man.  Who hasn’t heard the tales of record labels unwillingness to take chances and sign people?  Well this guy is the one that wages war against those quick to dismiss as he worked his backside off to get a lot of worthy musicians a shot in the industry.  It also helps that he’s armed with a good eye for talent.

And now Cliff needs our help. Cliff Cultreri’s primary concern being that his immune system is faltering to a connective tissue disorder.  In short, to put it modestly, it’s hardly a pleasing sensation.

And the healing of comes with a price, and that price can be remedied with $75 a ticket, so if you’re up for an impulse purchase then I say go nuts.  You’re not just getting Vai and Satch for that price, but also Tony MacAlpine, Orianthi, Brendon Small, and Dweezil Zappa.  All of that and more for $75.  You can even pick up VIP tickets for a very substantial increase in price (you’re gonna be dishing out at over $200 minimum on these), but that’ll get you a meet and greet with the whole gang and it goes towards a noble cause.  So that’ll make you a national hero.

All of this action is happening on July 10th, so you do have a bit of time to pace that impulse buy out a bit, and it’s all taking place in Hollywood, California at the House of Blues.  You’re welcome to buy me a ticket as well as fly me out there so I can attend.  Reserved VIP tickets only and I only travel first class.  It’s going to a good cause.  You can’t put a price on that.

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