Schecter Hellraiser Solo 6 Special Guitar

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Schecter Solo 6 Special Guitar
Schecter Solo 6 Special Guitar
Schecter Solo 6 Special Guitar

What a perfect guitar to feature on Mothers Day.

We all were little hellraisers after all.

And we still are – we’re just raising hell in a more productive way.

This guitar really gives you some bang for your buck in a big way. Priced at only $599, it’s got everything you’d expect from Schecter, and it’s worth every penny.

I’ve heard it said many times before that Schecter is one company whose overseas produced guitars stand up to American built guitars in performance, quality, and reliability.

She’s built on a mahogany body, with a quilted maple top, and she speaks to us via EMG active pickups (81/85)’s.

22 Jumbo frets on a 24.75 inch scale neck.

A bit heavy, this one, at almost 9 pounds.

The neck inlays, cream  binding, unique headstock, and stunning paint job make this worthy of being called a beautiful machine.



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