Schecter Special Edition ATX Solo 7 With Seymour Duncan Blackouts

Schecter Special Edition ATX Solo 7

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Schecter Special Edition ATX Solo 7 Headstock
Schecter Special Edition ATX Solo 7 Headstock

The ATX solo 7 is the latest 7 string axe from Schecter. This beauty is only available right now in aged black satin (ABSN) with black chrome hardware. The ATX solo 7 is very similar to its predecessor or counterpart the Blackjack ATX solo 6.  The only difference is that the ATX solo 6 has 6 strings with a slightly shorter Scale length and is available in 3 colors / finishes. The Special Edition ATX Solo 7 is a sharp guitar and can be checked out on the Schecter website.

Here is a quick overview:

This guitar has the latest tuner that has a 19:1 gear ratio. This allows for precise fine tuning adjustments.

With a 26.5” Scale, the neck of the ATX solo 7 is made of a three piece Mahogany and will stand the test of time staying straight and playable.

The fingerbaord that consist of 24X jumbo frets is made of Ebony which is known to enhance sustain. The Ebony also has a stronger tone over Maple.

Schecter Special Edition ATX Solo 7
Schecter Special Edition ATX Solo 7

The body shape (single cutaway) is similar to a les Paul. Like its 6 string counterpart the solo 7 has a string through bridge – Last, this instrument is equipped with Seymour Duncan Blackouts 7 string AHB-1 pickups. Controlled with a three way switch vol/vol/tone. These pickups use balanced inputs in combination with a differential preamp that helps reduce noise. They are also set up for heavy rock playing with a greater dynamic range than other active pickups.

Guitarists Synyster Gates with Avenged Sevenfold and Dan Donegan from Disturbed endorse Schecter guitars. They are known for their aggressive hard rock style. This guitar would be optimal for their styles of playing. The Seymour Duncan Blackouts were specifically designed for hard rock, trash and drop tunings.

If you think this sounds like something you would like to unleash your inner shred on than you will have to come up with about $1,200.00. You can get one at your local Schecter dealer.

  • Check out this guitar on Schecter’s site.



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