Seymour Duncan 35 Guitar Limited Edition

Seymour Duncan 35 Guitar Pickups and Bridge

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Seymour Duncan 35 Guitar
Seymour Duncan 35 Guitar

If you had a chance to be at NAMM 2011 this year, one of the coolest and most beautiful guitars you would have seen there would have been this one.

The guitar celebrates the 35th anniversary of the Seymour Duncan Company.

The story behind this guitar is almost as cool as the craftsmanship and intense design and work that went into it.

Back in the 70’s, in London, long before Seymour Duncan was a company, Seymour himself [image] built a guitar called a TeleGib for Jeff Beck.

He liked this guitar so much that he later decided to craft one of his own, with some modifications.

This is an even further modified and updated version of that guitar.

So back to this TeleGib thing – obviously thats a combination of what Jeff Beck and Seymour Duncan thought were the best attributes of a Telecaster and a Gibson.

Note, its not a TelePaul, its a TeleGib, indicating that we’re not necessarily talking about the Les Paul here. The “Gib” features on the TeleGib are also found on SGs and other Gibson Models.

So lets look at some of the details of this beautiful machine, from top to bottom.

At the top she sports nickel plated Kluson tuners, and two string trees, which are specifically positioned for behind the nut string bending.

Speaking of the nut – its a fossil! It is made from mastadon ivory, fossilized after 35,000 years.

The neck sports Warmoth Medium Tall nickel/silver frets, Tahitian black pearl dots, 35th Anniversary mother of pearl inlay at the 12th fret, and the neck itself is made from Rock Maple.

The body is swamp ash, a great material for guitar bodies, despite the deceptively mucky name.

The pickup system is really amazing. Installed, you get the Custom Shop JB & Jazz “Concept” pickups, which are reproductions of the original pickups Seymour wound for Jeff Beck’s guitar back in the 70’s.

Seymour Duncan 35 Guitar Pickups and Bridge
Seymour Duncan 35 Guitar

If you want a change, however, included in the case are some Zephyr Silver Premium pickups, which you can change out easily with Seymour Duncan’s “Liberator Quick Pickup Change System”.

The bridge is a stainless steel Tune-o-Matic style.

It also comes with a spare control plate with a 500k ohm Liberator volume pot.

A very small number of these guitars will be made with a wine red dyed varnish.

It is really amazing guitar – no matter what angle you look at it – electronics, beauty, woodworking or innovation.

So after reading up on the guitar, I was expecting a huge price tag, and while it certainly isn’t inexpensive, its far less than I thought it would be for such a guitar.

It’s only $6,250 and exclusively available from selected Seymour Duncan retailers.

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11 years ago

How is $6,250 far less than what you would expect to pay for this guitar? Sounds horrendously overpriced to me. Not quite in Gibson territory for gouging customers but still…

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