Slash: Made in Stoke – 24/7/11 – DVD Coming Soon!


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That iconic, top hat-wearing, frizzy-haired guitarist Slash is set to be releasing live concert recording of his own which is slated for release on November, 15th and will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray, just in time for the Christmas season.

The DVD titled Slash: Made in Stoke – 24/7/11 was filmed just under two months ago as of this writing in Slash’s old stomping grounds Stroke-on-Trent and while it’s his solo band touring the concert features equal parts of songs from his solo album, Velvet Revolver, Guns n’ Roses, and a few songs from Slash’s Snakepit for good measure.

Slash himself has expressed that it was more of a personal experience for him than any other concert since it was the city of his conception and that he’d had his eye on making this dream a reality.  To further corroborate this claim here are some directly related quotes from Slash himself.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and for some reason it just never seemed possible,” he said.

“One of the things about doing the solo record and setting up my own tour was that I told the powers-that-be that I wanted to play in places I’d never played before. And so Stoke was something that was high on my list and I told them just make it happen.”

And here’s the set-list, why not?

1.   Been There Lately

2.   Nightrain

3.   Ghost

4.   Mean Bone

5.   Back From Cali

6.   Rocket Queen

7.   Civil War

8.   Nothing To Say

9.   Promise

10. Starlight

11. Doctor Alibi (with Todd Kerns on vocals)

12. Speed Parade

13. Watch This

14. Beggars & Hangers-On

15. Patience

16. Guitar Solo / Godfather Theme

17. Sweet Child O’ Mine

18. Slither

19. By The Sword

20. Mr. Brownstone

21. Paradise City

The DVD is still pretty early in production and no bonus features have been announced as of yet, if any are planned to be included anyway, nor have any official video clips been released, but hey.  We thought just knowing about this was pretty cool.

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