Slash: New Album Info And Mashed Potatoes


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At a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new GuitarGuitar store in the U.K., Slash talked a bit about his upcoming album.

It will feature Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge on vocals for all the tracks, and Eric Valentine will be the producer once again.

The album will also feature Brent Fitz on drums and Todd Kerns on bass.

Slash told Music Radar:

“This one’s definitely a very focused,” he said. “Some of it’s very heavy. It’s got sort of a more unified sound to it, especially with one vocal all throughout.”

Right now the band is in pre-production, having completed 9 or so songs, and according to Slash, 12 more yet to be worked with.

The actual recording process will begin in late October.

Another interesting thing that happened at this ribbon cutting ceremony, a radio personality named “Tubes” (Peter Dale) from the show “Soccer AM”, known for being a prankster, smeared mashed potatoes in his own face. Not Slash’s. Some media reported that Slash was the one who got “Mashed” – but this isn’t the case.

In what was supposed to be an interview, Tubes screamed “I like Smash!” and smeared mashed potatoes in his own face.

Slash smiled and said, “That’s a wrap”.

It’s actually pretty painful to watch, because I think the prank was a flop, but if you’re into pain, here it is.


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