Sonic The Hedgehog ESP Limited Edition Guitar

Sonic Hedgehog Guitar

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Sonic Hedgehog Guitar
ESP Sonic Guitar

I am totally getting my nerd on for this.  In celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog’s 20th anniversary it seems like they’re really rolling out the red carpet for him.  Having grown up with Sonic my fanboyism forbids me to overlook this guitar.

ESP had at some point in history had a one-on-one with a certain Jun Senoue, who happens to be a composer for the Sonic games himself, to build a custom guitar and in celebration of the rodent’s 20th birthday they’re making a limited selection of guitars matching the exact specifications of his custom guitar.

Currently it’s available for pre-order for the low, low price of $1,800.  Seems a tad steep, doesn’t it?  Hell, who am I kidding?  If it happened to be in Guitar-Muse’s budget I’d get one as a “business expense.”

Anyway, I can’t entirely help but wonder about a few things. Probably most obviously is why is it black?  Why just the eyes?  If it wasn’t for the headstock matching his shoe or outright saying “Sonic the Hedgehog” on it, I doubt anyone would just assume those are Sonic’s eyes.

If you ask me if anyone should’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to make and sell Sonic guitars based off of custom models it should’ve been Jackson with MegaDriver’s guitarist Nino Tornisiello’s custom built guitar.

Sonic Hedgehog Guitar
Nino’s Custom

I’m not certain who did the actual woodwork, but some craftsman carved Sonic’s head out of a slab of angelim pedra wood.  Slap an EMG 81 and a Floyd Rose on there and there you have it.  Sure you’d look like a raging dork while playing it, but at least people would know where you stand.

Then there’s this alternative which I found during the writing of this article, though I am hesitant to request a guitar modeled after this one as it’s made of particle board and apparently sounds and feels like garbage, but as it is it makes for an interesting conversation piece.

Sonic Hedgehog Guitar
Particle Board Guitar

Of course it’s hardly my intention to harp on the selection they did choose.  Like I said.  I’d buy one if I had $1,800 laying around and didn’t have a mortgage bill eyeing me down all the time.

The guitar is built of alder and has a maple neck bolted on with a rosewood fretboard.  It’s armed with Gotoh tuners, a Floyd Rose tremolo, and has two Seymour Duncan pickups with an SSL-4 single coil at the neck and a TB-4 humbucker at the bridge.

So yeah.  Dorks everywhere unite. With the attention the hedgehog’s been getting lately maybe they’ll release a good game while they’re at it.

What’s that? Didn’t get enough dork from this? Well then check these out.

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