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Spider Online - Line 6

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Spider Online - Line 6For those of you who are fans of Line 6, prepare to be psyched. For those who aren’t, brace yourself to at least consider the fact that they’ve created a website that contains full blown lessons, accompaniment backing tracks, and a forum for uploading and downloading user-created tones.

Broken down by difficulty and genre, Spider Online provides a vast variety of comprehensive lessons that explore different aspects of music. If you’d like to learn a few chords to assemble a simple jazz chord progression, a sound sample and piece of sheet music is readily available.  If you’d like to learn how to solo in a minor key, there’s a few riffs to choose from that’ll get you going. The lessons also come with a detailed discussion by enthusiasts and experts alike. Whether you’re a visual or audio learner, these mini-seminars are sure to broaden your guitar playing capacity.

For those of you who own a Line 6 Spider amp, the site is privy to a collection of user uploaded amp presets. This feature is extremely cool, allowing people from all around the world to upload and download their favorite tones. Currently, the site supports tone swapping for the Spider IV 15, Spider Valve MkII, and the Spider Valve 75 and up.

Once you’ve taken a lesson or two, downloaded that perfect tone, you’re ready to hit up the jam tracks. This insanely long list of jam tracks are perfect for a one person jam session, allowing you to play with a full band with just the click of a button. These loops aren’t just drum machines with added instruments, but real studio quality recorded drums and rhythms. The loops sound better than most backing tracks I’ve played with.

If you’re Spider user, Spider Online seems like a no brainer. From the jam tracks to the tones to the all-inclusive discussions and lessons, this is a great tool to help players of all different levels to improve.

For more information on Spider Online, visit http://line6.com/spideronline/

Steve Krantz is a music enthusiast that resides in St. Clair Shores, MI and plays guitar in the progressive punk quartet Day In Day Out. (www.reverbnation/dayindayout)

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