Staind Offers Chance To Play A Solo On Their New Single

Staind Band

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Staind BandIn a joint venture between Ultimate Guitar, and Indaba Music, Staind is offering the fans a chance to play a guitar solo on their new single, “Not Again” which will be available on iTunes.

Hopefully the title of the song won’t be what’s running through people’s heads every time they hear the song.

So the deal is this – you go on over to this site sometime between now and August 10th 2011 at 9PM EST, and make your submission.

Fans will listen and vote on your solo, and Staind members will make the final call on the best of the best – and that will be announced with the record’s release, on September 13th, 2011.

If you win, you’ll get $1000 gift certificate to Guitar Center, a Mike Mushok Signature Paul Reed Smith guitar, and a signed copy of the CD.

10 Runner ups will get a signed copy of the CD as well.

So if you’re a fan of Staind, or even just a fan of yourself, at the very least it’s a perfect opportunity to win a guitar, a mammoth gift certificate to Guitar Center and a signed CD.

G.M. Jameson: Who is the guitarist for staind
TheSmitchens: I forget his last name. I think they have two.
G.M. Jameson: ill figure it out
TheSmitchens: The vocalist also plays guitar.  His name is Aaron something or other. I don’t know the other guy.
G.M. Jameson: i think they had a recent swap so i dont want to quote the wrong guy
TheSmitchens: Might have.  You already know more than I do.
G.M. Jameson: oh it was the drummer lol maybe i dont know more
TheSmitchens: I didn’t even know they had a drummer.  You know more.
G.M. Jameson: I wasnt even sure they were a band until the other day I thought they were an adjective
TheSmitchens: Yeah, well I never even knew people got together in groups to play music.
G.M. Jameson: What’s music?
TheSmitchens: Fuck if I know.  I don’t even know where I am or how I got here.
G.M. Jameson: Who the hell are you? Im gonna go run like forrest gump


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