Steve Howe and the Cross Styles Music Retreat

Steve Howe

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The Event of a Lifetime

Cancel all plans and get ready to cash in that vacation time. Yes guitar titan Steve Howe is scheduled to host the upcoming Cross Styles Music Retreat at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, New York from August 19th through the 23rd. The event is open to anyone that can hold a guitar for a week of guitar training covering any style you could want to study with the guidance of Howe alongside guitarist instructor Ray Matuza and classical guitarist Flavio Sala.

The Cross Styles Music Retreat

Steve Howe
Steve Howe

The event will include a Q and A session with a meet and greet along the way. Howe, who is self-taught and reads not even a note of sheet music, intends to bring a whole different approach to looking at the guitar, free from any potential limitation or predictable explanation on how to play the guitar.

There will be an hour of exercise at daybreak each day – a hike or a swim or something to put some animation in those muscles of yours – with meals throughout the day to break up the classes that will fill up the majority of the time including some daily special guest classes. And of course the retreat won’t be filled with a bunch of listening to others talk. The coda of each day will be reserved for recitals and jam sessions until it’s time to go to bed… or go back out for more exercise if you decide to skip the sleeping.

Steve Howe will be instructing classes that go in depth on the technical aspects of his performances with some solo performances to demonstrate the points he covers.

Ray Matuza’s classes bring more music theory in as he will discuss finger exercises, scales, diatonic triads, and the expanses of harmony in application, all while using Howe’s music as an example for the points he makes. He will be exercising over 35 years of experience as as a performer and a teacher to guide you through the most intellectually lucrative workshops known to man.

Flavio Sala will be discussing the majestic style of classical and flamenco guitar during an in depth look at the complex techniques and fingering as he covers his South American music style. Sala, who has been widely praised for his mastery of finger-style and jazz guitar technique, will also include perspectives on improvisation and guidance towards a more pragmatic practice regime.

Pricing and Important Payment Info

There are five different on-site accommodation packages. For a tent it will run $1,195. A double occupancy with a shared bathroom will be $1,595 while a private bathroom will be $1,795. A single occupancy with a shared bathroom will be $1,995 while the private bathroom will be $2,095. If you prefer an off-site accommodation a double occupancy will get you $2,095 while a single occupancy will be $2,495, both with private bathroom options.

There are taxes and registration fees with a deposit of $500 off the bat. The rest of the payment will be due by May 19th. While the deposit is non-refundable all across the board, any payment after the cutoff date is equally non-refundable. Past that everything’s covered.

You can register and find more info at the Cross Styles Music Retreat web site. (Edit: removed from the internet 10/2018)

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