Steve Vai – Naked Tracks Volumes VI and VII

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In the Beginning

Back in April of 2008 guitarist Steve Vai had come forth about a project he’d been building up for pretty much since his solo career had begun. He had compiled a great number of songs from the albums Passion and Warfare, Sex and Religion, Alien Love Secrets, Fire Garden, Alive in an Ultra World, The Ultra Zone, and Real Illusions: Reflections and removed all of his solos, leads, licks, and melodies out making backing tracks for anyone that wished to play along or write their own melodies.

He had compiled these songs into five separate collections titled Naked Tracks. Alongside these tracks he had offered views, opinions, and suggestions on how other guitarists could approach playing along with them. Some songs he recommended learning as he’d written them for the sheer sake of the workout alone, while others he encouraged to let yourself run wild. He’d also talked about tunings and keys used to give everyone a head start when playing along.

The New Naked Tracks

Obviously since Vai’s musical career is anything but over, he has incentive to keep adding to this ever growing concept. Since Real Illusions Vai has had several live performances recorded on DVD, Bluray, and CD including Where the Wild Things Are which featured two violinists alongside Vai and company as well as the Sound Theories performances that featured the Metropole Orchestra from the Netherlands.

And even since those performances –  the second part of the Real Illusions trilogy, The Story of Light has also been released. And then there are all of those VaiTunes that he’s been releasing over the years. Those deserve some mention as well.

Both of the new Naked Tracks volumes are available at for purchase. You can purchase a CD collection or get them as digital downloads at the asking price of $14.98. The original Naked Tracks are available also on his web site as well as Amazon, iTunes, and more.

Naked Tracks Volume VI Track Listing:

(Selections from Where the Wild Things Are, Sound Theories, and various VaiTunes)
1. Now We Run
2. Angel Food
3. Gary 7
4. Gentle Ways
5. Answers
6. The Murder
7. The Attitude Song
8. Salamanders In The Sun
9. For The Love Of God
10. Without Me
11. Speed
12. Blues For Dust

Naked Tracks Volume VII Track Listing:

(Selections from The Story of Light)
1. The Story Of Light
2. Velorum
3. John The Revelator
5. Book Of The Seven Seals
6. Creamsicle Sunset
7. Gravity Storm
8. Mullach a’ tSi
9. The Moon and I
10. Weeping China Doll
11. Racing The World
12. Sunshine Electric Raindrops

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