Steve Vai: New Album Coming Soon – The Story Of Light

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The Story Of Light

The Story of Light has been a work in progress for the past 7 years preceeding Real Illusions: Reflections as the newest studio album since then. As of August 14th, part 2 of the Real Illusions story will be officially available for all the world to embrace. While there is still much yet to be revealed about The Story of Light, there are a few details that have been canonized.

The album will have 12 songs, mostly instrumental as expected, though there will be some female vocals performed by Beverly McClellan and Aimee Mann on a song called “No More Amsterdam”. The title of the 7th song on the track, the slot for Vai’s trademark ballad on each of his albums, has also been revealed to be “Mullach A’TSi”.

Album Options

Platinum Package

The platinum package, in addition to the audio CD, includes a 7” vinyl featuring two songs (“John the Revelator” and “Book of The Seven Seals”), 3 plantable The Story of Light seeded postcards, a set of Steve Vai signature guitar picks, a 32 page booklet, a special edition DVD with a yet to be seen interview with the man himself talking about The Story of Light.

Also available is a digital copy of the album as well as an instantly available for download copy of “Gravity Storm”. The asking price for this version is $49.99.

Special Edition Deluxe CD

The special edition includes the 32 page booklet, the special edition interview DVD, a digital copy of the album, and “Gravity Storm” as an instantly available track to accompany the audio CD. All of this can be yours for $24.99.

Digital Package

The digital package offers a digital download of The Story of Light with “Gravity Storm” being available off the bat. The requested compensation for this version is $9.99.

A Quick Sample

While you’re here why not take a moment to enjoy this YouTube video of “Gravity Storm”? I’ve already sampled it about 10 times.

7 Years In The Making? What’s Been Going On Since Then?

Vai has established a reputation of always having his time occupied by one thing or another. While it’s been just shy of a decade for The Story of Light to come out it isn’t as though Vai takes as long to write songs as I do. Quite the contrary, actually, as he’s worked on and fulfilled several other projects along the way.

Real Illusions: Reflections came out in 2005 and following that in 2007 he did his European tour for the Sound Theories performances which gave a handful of his songs orchestral rearrangements to accompany his guitar performances. He has also toured all across the planet doing masterclasses and Berklee began a course specializing in teaching the style of Vai to students everywhere. The course was promoted when Vai himself sought out and set the world record for biggest online guitar lesson. Oh yeah. And there was that time where he won the coveted Les Paul Award back in January of 2012.

Of course that’s a fraction of the nigh endless list of things that man’s accomplished. In all likelihood we could overshadow the current news with his resume easily, but we’ll be here all day with that. The moral of the story is if you haven’t heard from him in a while it’s because something awesome is in the works.

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