Steve Vai’s Euphoria Acoustic Guitar Shipping This Month

Ibanez EP10 Vai Soundhole

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Steve Vai's Euphoria Acoustic Guitar
Steve Vai and Euphoria Acoustic Guitar

As if there hasn’t been enough to get excited about lately when it comes to Steve Vai, here is something else.

Ibanez will be shipping his custom “Euphoria” acoustic guitar this month.

According to Steve, “The new Euphoria is made to be sleek and thin with a large acoustic electric sound. Its size gives it a bright crisp tone that allows it to sit on top of a mix.”

It’s made of spruce with a mahogany neck, and it’s going to come in two models, the EP5BP, and the EP10BP. What’s the difference, other than the latter being .. 5 better?

Ibanez Vai EP10 Inlays
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The first noticeable difference is that the EP10BP has more ornamentation, like the stunning and completely Vai-ish “Tree of Life” inlays on the neck, and the beautiful bindings that are only found on the EP10BP.

The craftsmanship on this looks remarkable, absolutely stunning work by Ibanez. If you haven’t clicked the two images below that are begging you to “Click to Enlarge” you must do so!

Ibanez EP10 Vai Soundhole
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The tuners are different too, the EP5 comes with Ibanez tuners, and the EP10 comes with Gold Grover tuners.

Other differences of note, are the pickups and electronics. The EP5 comes with a Fishman Sonicore pickup and an Ibanez preamp with tuner, and the EP10 comes with the Fishman Acoustic Matrix pickup along with a Fishman Aura IC Preamp that includes Steve Vai’s own custom preset.

Another difference you will probably notice is the price tag, with the EP5 coming in at around $499 – half the price of the EP10.

I’ve mentioned in a few other articles how much I love Ibanez’s acoustics, and hells if they’ve proven me right again. I can’t wait to hear some sound from this little beauty, and you bet we’ll bring you that as soon as we get it!


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