Steve Vai’s Guitar TV – Launch Aftermath

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Steve Vai's New Guitar TV
Steve Vai's New Guitar TV

Did you watch the livestream of GuitarTV?  Or did you get pulled back into work since Vai decided to host it right in the middle of everyone’s work shift?

Well just as I’d done with the record breaking lesson I’ve got a quick summary of what all he went over so you can get the jist of what to expect from GuitarTV now and in the future.  Fortunately this isn’t nearly as in depth as the lesson video so this shouldn’t be as long and painful as the other article was.

Naturally the conversation started out with quick talks about how he got the idea and what he wanted to do with it.  Initially it was fueled by an amibitious desire to apply a premise of American Idol to the realm of guitars, not necessarily in a competition sense, but to aid guitarists all over the world the chance to get exposure.  An interstingly enough GuitarTV was already trademarked and as Vai kept an eye on it he snatched it right when the trademark expired.

And so a new legacy begins. Right now the site is relatively straight forward.

You’ve got one channel that place video after video, but while that’s certainly the meat and potatoes of the presentation it’s not the only one.  There’s a chat room (which I’ve yet to figure out how it works) and an option to submit your own videos.  To the left of the player are a few buttons which offer information on the guitarist in the current video, album information, a link to for tablature, the gear used, and a link to ticket master should they be on tour.

The future of GuitarTV is a work in progress.

Currently they only have one channel, but they have plans to expand to encompass more styles at once.  There was talk about some day playing full movies like Spinal Tap and Crossroads, but that’s mired in uncertainty as that can get costly.  He did comment that some day he’d like to take the GuitarTV name to television and offer a cable television channel that plays guitar videos 24/7 all the while stressing the importance to not have any bias to genre or pop culture, but to hit great guitarists all around the world as best as they can.

Take that, MTV.

More ambitiously he expressed that he’s waiting for technology to catch up to his vision to offer holograms so you could watch a guitarist with true 3D depth.  Hopefully my internet provider doesn’t go and charge for bandwidth use.

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