Steve Vai’s Ocean Machine TonePrint with TC Electronic

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About TC Electronic’s TonePrint

Steve VaiPossibly one of the greatest advantages we have in this day in age is accessibility to all the things we love. Even just ten years ago the idea of downloading pedal setting for your gear and automatically hearing the results was hardly even something the general guitar public even talked about, but nowadays with TC Electronic’s TonePrint pedals such a thing is a reality.

With TonePrint big name guitarists like John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, and Steve Vai have used their unprecedented ears to get their sound and uploaded their settings to TC Electronic. From there guitarists can download those settings directly into the pedal. Next thing you know you’ve got the same sound you may have just heard on the last album you listened to.

And the best part is all of these settings are available for download completely free of charge. And you know what they say. Everything’s better when it’s free.

Steve Vai’s New TonePrint – The Ocean Machine

Steve Vai is the newest addition to the library of guitar super heroes to have contributed a custom designed TonePrint setting. By the time it was all said and done Ocean Machine, the lush and full reverb with just a hint of chorus and some EQ work, was conceived.

The effect pedal he sculpted this setting on was the Hall of Fame reverb. The Hall of Fame features ten different reverb settings including room, hall, spring, plate, church, mod, lofi, tile, ambiant, and gate. One last setting remains to include the TonePrint feature. The other three knobs control decay, tone, and the effect level. A small switch in the middle toggles between a short and a long pre-delay.

To make the TonePrint concept that much sexier to the naked eye is the TonePrint app for Android and iPhones. As if TC Electronic wasn’t with the times already by having free downloadable presets for several of their pedals, they went and found a way to apply this concept to apps. Now with your Droid and iWhatever devices you can tinker with and almost telepathically transfer the TonePrint of your choosing directly to your gear. Oh and that thing I said about how everything’s better when it’s free. That applies to this app as well.

Free for download, free for use, free for everything. Not even so much as a subscription fee for anything. Plus the TonePrints are all cached so you don’t actually need the internet to download and use the TonePrints. Isn’t that just swell?

Now let’s end this on a video of Steve Vai getting his own hands on experience with the TonePrint.

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