Suhr Standard Aqua Blue Burst Quilt Top Guitar

Suhr Standard Aqua Blueburst Guitar

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Suhr Standard Aqua Blueburst Guitar
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I must admit, I’ve always had an affinity towards guitars like this.  I’ve always been a big fan of the whole super Strat thing and when I look at a guitar like this I find it hard to look away.

Suhr has been building guitars since 1984 and has built guitars for a number of reputable household names like Clapton, Frampton, and Lou reed to name but a few.  Since then the company has expanded their hand built techniques to include such avenues as amplifiers, pickups, and effect pedals and by the powers of modern technology are able to efficiently build almost every part of each guitar they build.

This particular one is built of alder with a quilted maple top with an absolutely beautiful transparent blue finish to give it that watery look.  The maple neck has an Indian rosewood fretboard and Sperzel locking tuners.  Within the body is a Gotoh Floyd Rose tremolo and Suhr’s own electronics with a push/pull switch to split the neck pickup.  The HSH pickup layout is with two JST Aldrich humbuckers around a lone JST FL single coil pickup.

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