Summer NAMM 2012: Gibson Grace Potter Signature Flying V

Gibson Grace Potter Flying V

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Introducing Grace Potter’s Guitar

Grace Potter, of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals fame, has officially had her first signature guitar announced as of Summer NAMM 2012. Her established history of performing with Gibson Flying Vs made it a very natural choice for deciding what to brand her name into.

Gibson Grace Potter Flying V
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The Nocturnal V

The Woods and Hardware

Gibson’s trademark trend of using mahogany stands strong still to this day with that as the choice wood for both the body and the neck. The neck, donning a bound, 22-fret Chechen fretboard (think rosewood family), is carved to have a slimmer profile measuring .8” at the first fret and .85” at the twelfth. Back at the first fret the strings rest easily in a PLEK-slotted Corian nut.

The Grace Potter V uses Tune-o-matic bridge complimented by a stud-mounted stopbar tailpiece. When it comes to tuners the V uses vintage-style TonePros decorated with pearloid keystone buttons. It will be available in every shade of Nocturnal Brown you could imagine.

The Electronics

As for the parts of the guitar that require electricity to work the Grace Potter V features a pair of pickup-designated volume knobs, a master tone knob, and a three-way switch that act as a good side dish to the meat and potatoes that are the two PAF recreated BurstBucker Pro Rhythm and Pro Lead humbuckers loaded into the neck and bridge positions respectively.

Both humbuckers use Alnico V magnets with 42 AWG enamel-coated wire and are wax potted to help prevent any unwanted squeals from uninvited feedback.

Price and Additional Details

Currently the release date and final retail price are up in the air, but Gibson’s unveiled their MSRP of $1,899 which is no doubt a few hundreds higher than what we’ll actually be dolling out when these guitars do hit the streets. And when they do hit the streets each guitar will come with a black, harshell, plush-lined Flying V case.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

Let’s rap about Grace Potter herself for a second. Grace Potter is among the founding members of the rock band Grace Potter and the Nocturnals in which she performs lead vocals, guitars, and several keyboard instruments. Founded back in 2004 they have released four studio albums and three live albums.

Since their advent they’ve consistently gained more and more attention, with an amalgam of blues, rock, and folk music to make up their style. Though it was their third studio album, a self titled album, that really helped to put them on the map, solidifying their position among modern groups. Now with a fourth album fresh on the shelves and a signature guitar for the leading lady it’s become evident that we’re only going to hear more and more from Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

Our own Scott Collins has had the luxury of speaking with one of the Nocturnals himself. Feel free to swing by this page and read our interview with Scott Tournet. Have a good day.

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