Sweetwater GearFest 2013

GearFest 2013

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The Countdown to GearFest

GearFest 2013
GearFest 2013

June is right around the corner, and do you know what happens in June? If you’ve read the title then that’s probably a yes, but I’m going for dramatic effect. Work with me. It’s Sweetwater’s GearFest 2013. Come June 21st and 22nd the Sweetwater HQ in Fort Wayne, IN, will host yet another installment for their annual gear convention. Gear will be demonstrated, clinics will be hosted, and faces will be rocked straight into oblivion.

This is the chance in between the two NAMMs to see some of the coolest names in music do what they do best, sample some new gear that’s recently hit the market, and embrace an all around jolly good time absorbed in music.

Oh, and if there’s anything that makes GearFest worth attending (if not for all the reasons listed above) it’s the mondo sales they have every year. And since entry is free there isn’t much incentive to cancel all of your plans and high tail it to Indiana. Your significant other will understand rescheduling your anniversary when she sees the sweet discount you got your new guitar at.

Who’s Going to Be There and What Will Be Going On

Sweetwater has a number of clinics scheduled to keep everyone entertained and well informed, but what good are those without people to host? Lucky for us they thought ahead and booked the best of the best to fill that role.

Mastadon guitarist Bill Kelliher will be discussing and demonstrating his signature Bill Kelliher “Golden Axe” Explorer in his Gibson workshop. Meanwhile Paul Reed Smith, Brent Mason, and Dave Weiner will host a PRS workshop where they discuss guitars, amps, and how to effectively use both in live situations and in the studio.

Gretsch will continue celebrating their 130th anniversary with the aid of the pop rock band Fountains of Wayne and Australian guitar virtuoso Joe Robinson. Sweetwater’s editor Mitch Gallagher will also host Tones of the Pros, a segment that will instruct on getting a sound like the… well… pros.

Then there will be the interactive workshop hosted by bass legend Billy Sheehan where he will discuss in great detail the techniques and tricks that define his style, and more tips galore. Drummer Terry Bozzio will also be making a public appearance for a performance, possibly joined by some other as of yet unnamed guests.

Adding a bit of flair to the experience will be the live mix off between acclaimed mix kings Fab Dupont and John Paterno who will tweak the same tracks against the clock to see who can get the best mix.

Other workshops and clinics will include demonstrations from Shure microphones, Korg, and more. Sweetwater’s Music Academy will be available to run the guests through various tutorials from mastering, to learning Cakewalk or ProTools, and plenty more.

Honestly I could sit here and ramble on all night about everything that’s happening at GearFest. For more information on the workshop, clinic, and Music Academy schedule, guest appearances, live performances, sales, and exhibitors you can swing by Sweetwater’s GearFest page. That will have all the info you need on what to expect as well as directions and hotel accommodations.

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