Dan Armstrong Lucite Guitar
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Dan Armstrong Lucite Clear Guitar

This Dan Armstrong designed Lucite guitar was released by Ampeg in 1969 after Dan pointed out the obvious: that Ampeg needed an electric instrument to complement their amplifiers. And yes, the body’s made entirely of a piece of clear, comfortably contoured acrylic with very long sustain.

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GVT5-110 Ampeg Guitar Amp

Ampeg’s GVT line: a tube driven formula

GVT52-212 Combo
Electric players shopping around for a totally solid state amp should check out Ampeg’s new GVT tube driven line. Instead of producing virtual tube sound, Ampeg has created the real thing that comes complete with half-power capability, Celestion® speakers and genuine affordability.

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GVT52-112 Ampeg Guitar Amp

The Return Of Ampeg Guitar Amps

It’s been since the 70’s that you could purchase an Ampeg guitar amp, and now they’re shipping in North America.
The line comes in an assortment of wattages and combinations, so here’s a little about each.

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