Maestro Rhythm and Sound For Guitar

Maestro Rhythm & Sound for Guitar

Built around 1969 by the company that brought us the groundbreaking Fuzz-Tone used by Keith Richards on “Satisfaction,” the Maestro Rhythm & Sound for Guitar is a beastly machine that can give you anything from simple fuzz tone to a tambourine that bashes itself with uniform glee every time you pluck a note.

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Line 6 Unveils the POD HD Pro Rack Processor

Looks like Line 6 is at it again, bringing the HD PODs to the next level as a rack mount.  Much to the tune of the fabled POD X3 Pro we now have the POD HD Pro, as no doubt many people could have predicted would come sooner or later. Find out more here!

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EHX’s Effectology With Bill Ruppert

Whether you just picked up your first stompbox or you have a rig that would make Steve Vai jealous, you’re probably having some trouble dialing in that perfect tone. Don’t worry: you’re not alone. Tinkering with effects pedals is an art that few have perfected, and no one knows this better than Bill Ruppert, the mastermind behind Electro-Harmonix’s Effectology series.

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Digitech RP355 Guitar Effects Pedal

Digitech RP355 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

Read Time 3 MinutesFor Christmas, I got this great little pedal from my great little Santa-Wife. The first thing I noticed as I unpacked it was how complex it looks. Don’t worry, however, after only 20 minutes playing around with it, I figured out pretty much how everything works. Sounds and Quality: The sounds are […]

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