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Haywire Custom Telecaster - Rick Mariner - Haywire Guitars

Image Gallery: 12 Customized Fender Guitars

Theres something about the shape or magic vibe of Fenders that just inspires people to customize them. Here we have 12 Extremely customized Fenders. Check them out!
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Ibanez Apex 100 Munky Signature 7 String Guitar

Ibanez Apex100 Munky Signature 7 String Guitar

You just cant argue that Ibanez knows how to put together a great 7 String guitar. They've done it for years for Steve Vai, and now we have a chance to try out Munky's (From Korn) version of 7 String perfection.
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The Cyclone (11 yrs.)

Image Gallery: Discontinued Fender Guitars

While Stratocasters and Telecasters are still among us, here we have a gallery of several Fender models that have been all but lost to the sands of time.
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Vai's Ibanez Triple Neck

Image Gallery: Multi Neck Guitars

Perhaps there is some sort of charm to the guitar that gives people a peculiar perspective and encourages us to find ways to go over the top, sometimes just for the sake of doing so. Whatever the reason is I don't know and I don't really care. I'm just looking to pay tribute to multi-neck guitars.
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Heritage H150

Heritage Guitars: Real Guitar Heros

The history of Heritage guitars, from 1985 to present date - and how they occupy the old Gibson Kalamazoo factory.
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Carvin Bolt Plus C

Carvin Electric Guitars: The Bolt Plus-C

Carvin: It doesn’t have to be custom Originally, Carvin advertised in the back of publications such as Popular Mechanics and sent out one-sheet product information at customers’ requests. In 1954, the first Carvin mail-order catalog was produced, establishing the direct-to-customer business model that is still used today. – Carvin Website As a guitar, amplifier and pro […]
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Lipe Virtuoso

Lipe Guitars with a dash of Florent Atem On Top

Who is Lipe Guitars? Founded by Mike Lipe who has been building guitars for over 35 years, was taught by a violin builder, and has worked ...
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D&H Stainless Flying V Guitar

D&H Stainless Steel Guitar – Coming to NAMM 2012

How do you make the most metal guitar out there even more metal? Make it out of metal of course. And that’s just what the miracle workers of the San Diego based D&H Guitars have done. It’s not every day you hear about a company that hand crafts guitars out of stainless steel and perhaps […]
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La Pirata Guitar by Teye

T-series Electric Gypsy guitars from Teye: Radical boutique at its best

Teye Guitars ™ have taken the concept of handmade small shop instruments to an entirely different level with breathtaking finishes, outstanding tonewoods and exquisite craftsmanship.
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Campbell Red Transitone

Campbell American: Hand-Crafted Guitars for Discerning Players

Today Campbell American Guitars is a small, focused team of New England craftsmen. We talked with Dean Campbell and learned more about the company, and got some great shots of the gorgeous and unique guitars they make.
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