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2000s PM100BK guitar

Image Gallery: A Trip Through Time With Ibanez Guitars – 1930s Thru 2010s

Here we celebrate 80 years of Ibanez guitars as we look at the models that started with the brand to the RGs, Jems, and Universes that they're known for now
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Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster

Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster

No one could deny that Fender’s J Mascis Signature Jazzmaster was one snazzy-looking tone machine, but the $2,000 price tag felt kind of wrong. As a vintage Guitar World interview indicates, the Dinosaur Jr. frontman’s first Jazzmaster was a beat-up old pawnshop guitar. Shouldn’t his Fender signature guitar be just as affordable?
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Fernandes Ravelle Elite

Fernandes Ravelle Elite Guitar With Sustainer

The Ravelle Elite guitar from Fernandes features the company’s patented “Sustainer System,” a pick-up that keeps strings vibrating continuously, much like a hand held EBow. The Sustainer generates endless feedback for boundless creative possibilities.
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Jackson X Series Guitar

Jackson X Series Guitars

Jackson Guitars fairly recently announced a new line of guitars dubbed the X Series which includes their Dinky, SLS, Randy Rhoads, Warrior, Soloist, and King V models. So what makes this line of guitars stand out from their others?
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Epiphone Limited Dot Royale

Not One, But Two Epiphone Semi-Hollow Bodies

Epiphone has just released not one, but two semi-hollow body guitars to fulfill all of your smooth jazz needs.
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The Erlewine Lazer Guitar: Designed for Comfort, Built for Speed

Without a familiar headstock, an Erlewine Lazer guitar may look odd, yet it offers guitarists maximum playability and comfort without sacrificing on sound. Just ask Johnny Winter. Custom built since the mid-1980s and sold exclusively by Mark Erlewine in Austin, Texas, at first glance the Lazer’s ergonomically shaped body and missing headstock are startling eye […]
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Ibanez RG2011SC Guitar

Ibanez Turns It Up To 30 With The RG2011SC w/Video

Ibanez is banging out a brand, spankin' new RG model guitar, and this isn't just a rehashing of the same old, same old, but rather brings something new to the table as a whole.
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Eric Joseph Cinnamon

Hand Made USA Guitar Series #2: Eric Joseph

Continuing the trend of highlighting guitars crafted by hand within the borders of the USA we're taking this little endeavor up to Maine to bring Eric Joseph Guitars into the spotlight.
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Jeff Buckley's Telecaster

Jeff Buckley’s 1983 Telecaster Up for Auction

Jeff Buckley was one of those stars who shined very briefly but still managed to influence a multitude of people. Haunting vocal melodies, effortlessly beautiful guitar work, and an amazing songwriting style are all elements that make you wonder where he'd be now if he were still around.
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Hand Made USA Guitar Series #1: Campbell Nelsonic Electric Git-Box

Campbell American Guitars is a hand-building manufacturer that wields the powers of New England craftsmanship to sculpt stringed instruments of mass vibration. This Massachusettes-based company's reputation for hand-building every part of every guitar that comes out with their name on it is mired in more praise than I could summarize here for you, so I'll spare you the Google search. People love them.
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