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More Than Just a Guitar Teacher

Taking lessons is a funny thing. I've met people that are way against them and people that think learning is impossible without them. Me, I don't care one way or another. I've learned a lot from books, Youtube, and DVDs, but I've also had and currently do have a teacher. Enter Mike. I have no idea just how good he was at the instrument, but he managed to have an impact that far exceeded any kind of lecture, so he's good at something.
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Steve Vai Evo Jem

Win Steve Vai’s Evo Jem

That's right. Steve Vai's Evo guitar. Not some replica, but his actual guitar.
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Guitars Have Spirit

Sometimes our kids see things so much more simply than we do with our tendancy to seek out perfection and worry about every detail. Here’s a little something my 11 yr. old daughter wrote up for all of you guitarists worrying about things like what kinds of cables to use, how to set your intonation, […]
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Zoraxe Guitar

Jackson Zoraxe Guitar

Ok.  I’m gonna basically showcase how big of a raging nerd I am.  Over a decade ago a video game was released.  A game called The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.  In this game there was a race of aquatic creatures known as Zoras, one of which played a guitar dubbed the Zoraxe. I can […]
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10 Guitars We loved in 2010

If it’s not your first visit to our site, you might find some of these familiar. If it is your first visit, here’s a chance to see what we have been up to since we launched this site back in October. These guitars aren’t in any particular order, unless you consider that they are in […]
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