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Ibanez Apex 100 Munky Signature 7 String Guitar

Ibanez Apex100 Munky Signature 7 String Guitar

You just cant argue that Ibanez knows how to put together a great 7 String guitar. They've done it for years for Steve Vai, and now we have a chance to try out Munky's (From Korn) version of 7 String perfection.
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Ibanez Jem V7 Steve Vai

Ibanez Jem V7 Steve VAI Electric V7WH GUITAR

Since the original Jem models were covered just the other day it seems reasonable to conclude with what the Jems have adapted into. The Jem originated in 1987, but it wasn't until 1993 that it saw the makeover that set the precedence for most modern Jems as we know them.
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Ibanez Steve Vai Jem

History of the Jem777 And Steve Vai

The Ibanez JEM777 is the oldest Jem model - developed back in 1985 and released in 1987 by Steve Vai and Ibanez while he was shopping for a company to bring the vision of the Jem into reality.
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2010 Ibanez EGEN8 Herman Li Signature

Ibanez EGEN8 Herman Li Signature

Herman Li is best known as one of the guitarists for the ludicrously upspeed power metal band DragonForce. Back in the mid-2000s he, along with DragonForce bandmate Sam Totman, pretty much blew up thanks in large part to their absolutely absurd speed.
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2000s PM100BK guitar

Image Gallery: A Trip Through Time With Ibanez Guitars – 1930s Thru 2010s

Here we celebrate 80 years of Ibanez guitars as we look at the models that started with the brand to the RGs, Jems, and Universes that they're known for now
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Ibanez JD9 Overdrive Pedal

Ibanez JD9 Overdrive Pedal

And now for something quick and awesome. That being the Ibanez JD9 overdrive pedal which was built with the sound of those hand-built pedals of yesteryear in mind.
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Ibanez RG2011SC Guitar

Ibanez Turns It Up To 30 With The RG2011SC w/Video

Ibanez is banging out a brand, spankin' new RG model guitar, and this isn't just a rehashing of the same old, same old, but rather brings something new to the table as a whole.
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Ibanez EP10 Vai Soundhole

Steve Vai’s Euphoria Acoustic Guitar Shipping This Month

As if there hasn't been enough to get excited about lately when it comes to Steve Vai, here is something else. Ibanez will be shipping his custom "Euphoria" acoustic guitar this month.
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Ibanez Iceman Cracked Mirror Guitar

Two Classic Cracked Mirror Guitars

Paul Stanley’s Ibanez “Mirror Ball Iceman” Created around 1979-1980, this guitar was specially made for Paul. He wanted a guitar that would give off a dramatic effect when the stage lights hit the instrument. This work of art was painstakingly made by Jeff Hasselberger. He hand cut each piece of glass and put them together […]
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Ibanez RG5EX1 Guitar

Ibanez RG5EX1 Electric Guitar

The concept behind the Ibanez RG Series has remained the same since its first appearance in 1987, and that is to put a fully featured and great sounding guitar in the hands of hard rockers for the best possible price. At roughly $400 from most vendors, you get quite a bit of bang for your […]
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