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The Hyper Touch Guitar – No Strings Attached

You’ve played guitar hero on a controller that implements buttons instead of strings. You’ve played your nephews fake toy guitar that plays cheesy riffs when a button is pushed. Though, the minds at Givingshape Design Studio have finally brought you the first real guitar with literally – no strings attached.

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Iconic Metal Guitar Stand - Stand Mode
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A Guitar Stand That’s a Seat? Is This Real Life?

When it comes to guitar playing, the issue has always been, “Why haven’t they made a guitar stand that’s also a seat?” Well, your prayers have been answered. Straight out of Rancho Santa Margarita, California, it’s the AxSys 1.0 AxSys 1.0.
Made by the new school innovators at Iconic Metal, ( the AxSys 1.0 is both a stand for your guitar and a seat for your bottom.

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