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Orange Divo vt1000 valve tester

NAMM2013: What’s So Cool About Orange’s New Valve Tester?

Find out why Orange Amp's new tube (valve) tester is so cool, revolutionary and important to guitarists, and repairmen. Here's the scoop.
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Schecter Hellraiser Extreme C-1

Schecter 2012 NAMM. Three Guitars. Rocking Faces.

Schecter has revealed two new electric guitar models, the Hellraiser Extreme C-1 and the Blackjack SLS C-1, and the new Hellraiser Studio acoustic guitar.
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65 Amps - The Producer

A Little About The Producer From 65 Amps

Featured at NAMM 2012 - we're taking a look at 65 Amps "Producer". To fully appreciate the Producer one must turn back the clocks and look at how old amps were designed back when tube amps had a monopoly on the industry.
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Blackstar HT-Metal Pedal

New from Blackstar: The HT-Metal Pedal

This year at NAMM, Blackstar announced the newest addition to its full line of valve distortion pedals: the HT-Metal - with "Pure Valve Filth!"
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Anaheim Convention Center

Image Gallery: Fear And Loathing At NAMM 2012

Oscar went to NAMM 2012 and brought back these images and a little about his experience there. Plenty of great photos to check out!
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MTM10 Pickups

Image Gallery: Ibanez’s New 2012 Signature Guitars

New Signature Guitars From Ibanez For 2012 Getting in on the awesome announcing new gear trend that’s had NAMM mired in this year Ibanez has taken the time unveil a handful of new signature guitars that are slated to come to a spring 2012 near you. Here for your convenience we have the real deal […]
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2012 Mockingbird STQ

Image Gallery: New B.C. Rich Guitars For 2012

An image gallery round up of all B.C. Rich 2012 non-signature guitars. The Warlock, Bich, Supreme, Bich ST, Pro X Bich, Bich DoubleNeck, and more.
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Eminence EJ1250 Guitar Speaker

From NAMM: The Eminence EJ1250 guitar speaker

Eminence, an industry leader in the manufacture of professional audio gear since 1966, has provided musical instrument loudspeakers for some of the finest electric guitar amplifiers in the world, including Fender. Now, legendary guitar whiz, vocalist and songwriter Eric Johnson, a noted Fender man, has joined with Eminence in producing a new guitar speaker, the Signature Series EJ1250.
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Matt Tuck Signature V

B.C. Rich 2012 Signature Models

BC Rich has been busy planning their 2012 catalog and since the time to roll out the red carpet had arisen they had enough new models to arm a small army. Now that the proper introduction has been tended to let's see the new artillery BC Rich is busting out.
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Red Llama Overdrive Pedal - Dunlop

New From Jim Dunlop: Badass Modified O.D. , Red Llama, Zakk Wylde Rotovibe and More!

Dunlop has been busy developing new products, and here are the new products from Dunlop at NAMM 2012 - The Badass Modified OD, Zakk Wyldes Rotovibe, The Red Llama, Eric Johnson Fuzzface, and more!
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