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Pink Floyd Is At It Again

Pink Floyd is doing everything the fans could ever ask for with the exception of two negligable concerns that most people probably don’t think about on a day to day basis. Go on tour or write another album. With David Gilmour’s recent appearance to a Roger Waters performance alongside Nick Mason making a sort of reunion happen if only for a short moment I can’t help but to think the same things I thought the last time they had rejoined forces. Write another damn album already

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Mr. Big - What If
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Review On Mr. Big’s “What If …”

Having mentioned that Mr. Big’s newest album is on sale at Amazon we figured it’d be nice enough if we were to test the waters and give you an idea of what to expect. Because of the subjective nature of music the use of the word “review” is pretty much for lack of better word, but there are some things worth highlighting regardless.

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