Rickenbacker 620 Fireglow Guitar

2010 Rickenbacker 620 Guitar – FireGlo

Posted by - December 1, 2011

In the company of a 620, the music possibilities are endless.Whether it’s the pop infused sound of the Bangles’ Susannah Hoffs, Mary Chapin Carpenter’s southern countryish flair or the no nonsense rock vibe from the Smithereens’ Pat DiNizio, in the right hands, the Rickenbacker 620, manufactured in Santa Ana, California, can be a persuasive melody maker.

Adolph Rickenbacker

Guitar: 1959 Rickenbacker Model 335 Capri Vintage

Posted by - November 4, 2011

There’s no mistaking the flared bouts, trademark slash cut-out and rounded body of the Rickenbacker 335 Capri electric guitar. Similar to iconic Fender and Gibson designs, Rickenbacker’s 335 Capri is easily recognized, which is the mark of a true classic.

Rickenbacker Model 331 Lightshow Guitar

Featured Guitar: The Rickenbacker Model 331 “Light Show” Guitar

Posted by - August 13, 2011

Install strings and pickups on a disco dance floor, and you’ve got the Rickenbacker Light Show guitar. This bit of 1970’s guitar psychedelia was technically named “Model 331”, and it had a clear plastic top with colored lamps inside. Low pitches litthe blue lamps, mid-range lit yellow; high pitches lit red. As you played, these

Rickenbacker Frying Pan Guitar Sketch

Rickenbacker Frying Pan Guitar

Posted by - April 16, 2011

In the United States during the 1930’s, Hawaiian music was all the rage. Turnouts were so good that it actually became a problem–acoustic lap steel guitars just weren’t loud enough for such large audiences.
George Beauchamp solved this problem by developing the “Frying Pan” or “Pancake” guitar, the world’s first electric lap steel–in fact, it was the first solid-body electric guitar in history.