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Steve Vai Ultra Zone Guitar
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Own A Steve Vai Ultra Zone Guitar

See and witness Steve Vai’s custom built Ultra Zone guitar from Emerald Guitars. Want one for yourself? Well now you can. Check it here.

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Lessons Rhythm

A Rhythmic Ear Training Lesson With Steve Vai’s “Velorum”

The solo section in Steve Vai’s “Velorum” is a great opportunity to slide in a little rhythmic ear-training /transcription lesson. I’ll demonstrate a way to break down and notate the rhythm that can be adapted to any tune.

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Interview With Steve Vai – The Story Of Light

Steve recently took time from an extremely busy schedule to sit down with us and talk about the new record, and finding and following one’s path.

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Steve Vai

Album Review: Steve Vai – The Story Of Light

The amazing Steve Vai continues the dreamy conceptual narratives found on 2005’s Real Illusions: Reflection, with his new release, The Story Of Light. This concept album is the second installment of a trilogy showing Vai’s interest in New Age spirituality and science fiction. The Story Of Light is essentially about the journey of a man driven mad by tragedy, grief, and his assent to revelation, enlightenment, and redemption.

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Steve Vai Evo Jem
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Win Steve Vai’s Evo Jem

That’s right.
Steve Vai’s Evo guitar.
Not some replica, but his actual guitar.

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