Fender Mustang Mini Guitar Amp

Fender’s Mustang Mini Amp – Punch In A Lunchbox Size Guitar Amp

Fender’s got a new little amp for us to show off to you, and it’s called the Mustang Mini. Weighing in at seven and a quarter pounds with a six and a half inch speaker, and only 7 watts, she can pack a punch that’s reportedly enough to make it useful while jamming with others.

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The Erlewine Lazer Guitar: Designed for Comfort, Built for Speed

Read Time 2 MinutesWithout a familiar headstock, an Erlewine Lazer guitar may look odd, yet it offers guitarists maximum playability and comfort without sacrificing on sound. Just ask Johnny Winter. Custom built since the mid-1980s and sold exclusively by Mark Erlewine in Austin, Texas, at first glance the Lazer’s ergonomically shaped body and missing headstock […]

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Yamaha Silent Guitar
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Yamaha’s Silent Guitar

Approximately X years ago Yamaha banged out this bodiless instrument. For what purpose, you say? What end were they hoping to meet? What devious plot for world domination oversaw the production of this instrument?

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Hofner Travel Guitar
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Three Great Travel Guitars

Read Time 3 MinutesToday for the guitar(s) of the day we are focusing on travel guitars. And since their whole purpose is to be compact, I figure we can squeeze three of them into the guitar of the day slot. I always laughed off travel guitars as silly looking and pointless – until recently, since […]

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