Steve Vai's New Guitar TV
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Steve Vai’s Guitar TV Site Launches May 10

Just the other day a certain guitar virtuoso known to the world as Steve Vai confessed that he’s had incubating on the back burner for quite some time now and as of May 10th will be open for business. is, when it goes live, a 24-hour streaming video showing more guitarists than you can shake a stick at.

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Jeff Beck
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Three Things We Can Learn From Jeff Beck

There are actually about 3,000 things we can learn from Jeff Beck.
I chose these two videos because I felt like they show off three of the traits I love most in his guitar work – his precise control, his exact intention, and his feel.

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Steve Vai
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Even Steve Vai can’t make you play like Steve Vai

Read Time 3 MinutesIn case you didn’t have a chance to see Steve Vai’s big online lesson or if you weren’t like me and didn’t record it, but don’t want to rely on your memory – out of the kindness of my heart I’ve decided to give you a summary of what was discussed. You […]

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3 Great Versions Of Hendrix’s Red House

Read Time 2 MinutesSo it all started with Gary Moore. Well, so much started with Gary Moore – but what I mean is this little journey I went down today started with me itching to hear a little more of Gary’s playing after pondering his untimely death yesterday. I was wandering around YouTube just listening […]

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Paul Gilbert and the Ibanez Fireman
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Paul Gilbert talks about the Ibanez Fireman

In this video, Paul Gilbert talks about how and why he designed the Ibanez Fireman. He also shows some of the original drawings he made of it.

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