Yngwie Relentless Tour
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Yngwie Malmsteen Coming to the US for Tour (Schedule)

Exciting news for our US readers – you’ll have a chance to see our favorite neoclassical Shredder-In-Chief, Yngwie Malmsteen.

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Johnny Hiland
Artist Spotlights

Artist Spotlight: Johnny Hiland

I’d made a passing comment earlier about how cool of a guy Johnny Hiland is and if we’re willing to drag you, our relentless, unstoppable, fearless legion of death-readers, through articles about Vinnie Vincent and beer guitars then surely an article about Johnny Hiland should by default be higher than our minimal requirement for standards.

Hiland’s not exactly a man of mystery. If you’ve heard of him before then the chances are this article isn’t going to tell you anything new, but if you haven’t then consider this article a metaphorical fist to the face of reality.

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John Petrucci
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John Petrucci Signature Music Man Guitars

Lo and behold as we delve into John Petrucci’s signature Music Man guitar. Watch in amazement as we pick apart the similarities and shared between models.

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Ibanez EP10 Vai Soundhole
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Steve Vai’s Euphoria Acoustic Guitar Shipping This Month

As if there hasn’t been enough to get excited about lately when it comes to Steve Vai, here is something else.
Ibanez will be shipping his custom “Euphoria” acoustic guitar this month.

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Steve Vai and Joe Satriani
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Satriani and Vai Combine Powers Again.

Welcome back to Guitar-Muse, everyone. What are we rapping about today? Steve Vai, of course, but to simulate variety we’re adding equal parts of Satch into the mix. What are they doing that’s so hot these days? Charity.
That’s right, the good-natured will to help another is piloting this ambitious plan to the stage in the name of helping their friend Cliff Cultreri pay for medical care.

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Tony MacAlpine

New Tony MacAlpine Album Later This Month

Yep, the behemoth guitarist Tony MacAlpine is belting out his tenth solo album entitled Tony MacAlpine which is due out June 21st.

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Steve Vai’s Guitar TV – Launch Aftermath

Did you watch the livestream of GuitarTV? Or did you get pulled back into work since Vai decided to host it right in the middle of everyone’s work shift?
Well just as I’d done with the record breaking lesson I’ve got a quick summary of what all he went over so you can get the jist of what to expect from GuitarTV now and in the future.

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Steve Vai - Martian Love Secrets
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Learn Steve Vai’s Martian Love Secrets

Martian Love Secrets is a technical guide, but not the kind that you would expect from a player like Vai, whose reputation is intensely built on technique. Instead, this series mostly deals with harnessing all your technical knowledge and your own life experience to create art.

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Steve Vai's New Guitar TV
Guitar News Video

Steve Vai’s Guitar TV Site Launches May 10

Just the other day a certain guitar virtuoso known to the world as Steve Vai confessed that he’s had incubating on the back burner for quite some time now and as of May 10th will be open for business. is, when it goes live, a 24-hour streaming video showing more guitarists than you can shake a stick at.

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Steve Vai
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Even Steve Vai can’t make you play like Steve Vai

Read Time 3 MinutesIn case you didn’t have a chance to see Steve Vai’s big online lesson or if you weren’t like me and didn’t record it, but don’t want to rely on your memory – out of the kindness of my heart I’ve decided to give you a summary of what was discussed. You […]

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