Artist Spotlight: Johnny Hiland

I’d made a passing comment earlier about how cool of a guy Johnny Hiland is and if we’re willing to drag you, our relentless, unstoppable, fearless legion of death-readers, through articles about Vinnie Vincent and beer guitars then surely an article about Johnny Hiland should by default be higher than our minimal requirement for standards.

Hiland’s not exactly a man of mystery. If you’ve heard of him before then the chances are this article isn’t going to tell you anything new, but if you haven’t then consider this article a metaphorical fist to the face of reality.

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Satriani and Vai Combine Powers Again.

Welcome back to Guitar-Muse, everyone. What are we rapping about today? Steve Vai, of course, but to simulate variety we’re adding equal parts of Satch into the mix. What are they doing that’s so hot these days? Charity.
That’s right, the good-natured will to help another is piloting this ambitious plan to the stage in the name of helping their friend Cliff Cultreri pay for medical care.

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