TC Electronic Ditto Looper

Ditto Looper

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This is the Pedal that Never Ends

TC Electronic has aspired to give guitarists a looper pedal that can do everything needed without being even remotely close to complicated to use. With one whole and entire knob and a single foot switch the Ditto Looper is as simple as it gets, yet there isn’t a lot that it can’t do. This is a pedal for guitarists that like things simple.

The Ditto Looper In Depth

Ditto Looper
Ditto Looper

While simplicity may be the first thing people notice about the Ditto Looper, the sound quality it harnesses ready to show you just how crisp and clear it can be. With 24-bit uncompressed audio, this nano-sized pedal can preserve the most subtle nuances of your tone with great accuracy. Featuring true bypass the quality of your tone remains whether the pedal is on or off, and with the analog dry-through your dry signal can pass through without ever being converted to digital. Your purity has never been safer.

While talking about sound quality is a fancy pants topic for any pedal, the looping capabilities are what prove the Ditto’s valor in combat. Boasting a whopping five minutes of looping time you could loop a given song’s entire rhythm track and solo over the playback. Or you could add more tracks to the already recorded parts since the Ditto permits infinite overdubs. Now it’s not just a feature, but a test. How many dubs can you add and still keep the song sounding interesting? My limit is ten.

Now just because the Ditto Looper only has one foot switch that doesn’t mean it can just turn on and off. If you’re working with a lot of layers you can hold the foot switch down to undo previous dubs. Should you happen to be nostalgic for something you’ve removed, or if you’re playing live and want to reintroduce a given dub for the upcoming chorus, holding the switch again will redo a removed dub. While this is handy feature don’t be surprised if you bring the dub back in off time. Think of it as just another thing to practice.

Accompanying the lone foot switch is a single control knob. Its purpose is not remotely ambiguous. It controls the volume level of your loops. I’d love to zazz this description up with more oohs and aahs, but it’s really that simple. TC Electronic claims it’s a pedal by guitarists, for guitarists. What guitarist doesn’t think of statements like that as sexy pillow talk?

Now let’s talk turkey. Cash. How much does the Ditto Looper cost? The Ditto Looper can be yours for a quick $129.99.

The Video Demo

If you want to see and hear the Ditto Looper in action – along with a brief description of everything mentioned above – then you can rock your world with this complimentary video.

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