The 5 Best Guitar Practice Amps

VOX Mini3 Practice Amp

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Our Top 5 Guitar Practice Amps

Sometimes you just gotta go travelling, and you’ll obviously want to bring something along that you can practice on while you’re away from your rig. Or, maybe you just need something to practice with. We’ve lined up 5 travel worthy practice amps here, side by side – with some of the more important specs to make it easier for you to compare.

This list is meant to showcase a good variety – so it’s not ordered or ranked. There should be something for everyone here.

Pricing ranges from $99 up to almost $300.

We’ll dive right into our top 5 picks right now – chosen for variety and value. Read on below the chart for more on why we chose each amp.

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Why We Chose These Amps

Each of these amps had one or more features that brought something different and valuable to the table.


The Roland Micro cube was chosen because of the speaker surface area (16 inches over 4 speakers) and a host of onboard trinkets, like the Rhythm Guide – an interesting feature. Also this one wins hands down for having the most buttons, knobs and things to mess with.


Sound. This one has some of the best sound we’ve heard in a practice amp.


Flexibility. Connectivity, Upgrade-ability. Tons of onboard effects, and if that’s not enough – a USB port – you can download more effects online.


The amp that started it all. We had to include a Pignose. Aside from that – power. You’re talking 30 watts, and the single largest speaker, well above any of the other amps on this page. Basic functionality – as well as the Funk Bass Switch for more punch.


Tons of effects, great price, Vox sound, and a nice little addition to the game – 3 color choices – Black, Green, or Ivory. The effects choices are just right and plentiful – you get 4 types of reverb, room, tape, spring, and analog. Nice touch for a practice amp.


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Cold Paradise
Cold Paradise
10 years ago

The Ibanez Valbee is also a great choice I would say. It’s a pretty cheap tube amp, with a very warm sound, that can easily go on high gain distortions. I can’t touch a solid state amp anymore after having this one … Try it and love it

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